Righteous Roast Coffee 12 oz

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Region Chiapas, Mexico
Elevation 2,953-5,249 ft. 
Process Fully washed
Certification FT USA, Organic
Varietal: Bourbon, Mundo Novo and Typica
Tasting Notes Cocoa, Anise, Walnut
Roast Dark


This coffee comes to us from the southern state of Chiapas, Mexico. The area of Chiapas is rich in culture and diversity, displayed by the traditions of the many indigenous cultures that reside here. The richness of color and quality of their textiles and art, and the delicious foods are just the beginning .... then there is the coffee.

The state of Chiapas produces approximately 60% of Mexico's total coffee production, making coffee it's most important cash crop. The climate and geography are well suited for the growing, harvesting and processing of this most important export. This is not to say this region has not had its fair shared agronomical hardships. Aspects such as La Roya (coffee rust), mudslides due to unseasonable weather and political unrest have all lent to decreases in coffee production and quality over the last decade. However, the past few years has shown a noticeable increase in both aspects, showing the resilience and perseverance of the coffee farming work on the ground.

This coffee is both certified organic and was purchased through the Fair Trade system, promoting social initiatives within this coffee growing community. The fully washed method of processing was used for this coffee, accentuating the flavors and terroir of the area in which this cup was born from.