Our Mission and Values

Mission Statement

Christ’s Cup Coffee is a Christian non-profit organization that provides humanitarian aid and spreads the gospel worldwide.

Christ’s Cup Coffee shows the love of God to communities worldwide by providing physical aid and the life-saving word of God.

Our Core Values

  • We are an international Christian organization, providing much needed physical and spiritual aid to anyone in need.
  • We give assistance to all individuals, regardless of religious beliefs, gender, race, or ethnic background.
  • We want to honor God is all things that we do and all activities and organizations that we engage with.
  • We want to pursue excellence in the name of the Lord, just as he made excellence in all his creations.
  • We are always driven to have an impact on God’s wonderful world and use all resources we have available to approach worldly problems with locally appropriate solutions.
  • We are long term oriented, realizing that focusing on the short term can cause problems with our effectiveness down the road.
  • We have a dedication to full transparency, which includes publishing financial data, and achieving top tier charity ratings.